Commercial Building Projects in Melbourne & Greater Victoria

Planning a commercial property requires commitment, a strategic approach to both time and financial management, and a comprehensive understanding of the requirements, and long-term objectives. You don’t want just an average project; you want a commercial building that can deliver, long term. And most importantly, you want the project to be completed safely, and on budget.


At Melbourne Building Works, we are committed to delivering on the above.

As a leading provider of commercial building works in Melbourne, we can help you plan, design, and build your commercial building that matches or exceeds your expectations.

As experienced professionals in the field, we understand a commercial building project is unique, differing from residential builds. We understand the time, commitment, and financial investment required to undertake a large commercial build, which is why we offer our commercial clients the same level of personalised service as a residential build, but with a Team specifically selected for their experience and expertise in commercial development.

Our skilled Team of experienced professionals can provide designs, drafting and submitting plans, offering consultations, and carry out on-site work.

Whether you are looking to invest in a new retail space, a large office building, or you’re planning to open a new restaurant, or are just at the “let’s find the right location” stage, our Team is excited to hear about your project.

Function and Aesthetics Combined

We don’t just design and build commercial buildings. At Melbourne Building Works, we’ve created a brand-new way to work and collaborate. Our creative Team takes the time to consult with you, and your Team/Investors, to create something both functional and aesthetically pleasing; and always working within budget constraints.

If you’re a developer or you want to invest in a new commercial building in Melbourne, we invite you to check our portfolio or CONTACT US to discuss your next project, or development.

We Make Your Working Space Better

At Melbourne Building Works, we take a holistic approach to commercial building planning and construction. It’s not just about the building, it’s the working lifestyle that you can promote once the building is constructed. In the delivery of this service, we incorporate safety and efficiency, and our personal commitment to transparency and integrity.

Schedule a consultation today and see the difference that our Team can bring to the table.